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Welcome to the official site of award-winning sultry jazz singer and songwriter Kathy Sanborn. Kathy has released seven albums. Famous for her velvet voice and elegant compositions, Kathy takes jazz music into the modern era with her own unique style. Kathy won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her single, "Fantasy," which is included on her latest release, Lights of Laniakea.

 Kathy Sanborn winner 2015 American Songwriting Awards


Award-winning jazz singer and composer Kathy Sanborn

Improvijazzation Nation says:

“Most highly recommended . . . Shimmering vocals . . . Kathy's music will remain in your mind/heart/head for days (if not months) to come.”


www.mwe3.com says:

"Music just doesn’t get more relaxing and sublime sounding than Lights of Laniakea."


 Midwest Book Review says:

"An enchanting, cross-cultural audio experience, Lights of Laniakea is rapturously radiant."


Bluewolf Reviews, Australia says:

"The pallet is as diverse as it is beautiful . . . the alchemy of Lights of Laniakea reaches out to touch and soothe on many, many levels making incredibly pleasurable listening."


Kathy Sanborn award-winning jazz singer-songwriter


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