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Welcome to the official site of award-winning jazz and world singer and songwriter Kathy Sanborn. Kathy has released seven albums.

Kathy won a 2015 American Songwriting Award for her single, "Fantasy," which is included on her new release, Lights of Laniakea.

Lights of Laniakea was arranged by 2015 GRAMMY®-winning recording artist Ricky Kej, and features renowned international musicians.

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Lights of Laniakea by Kathy Sanborn

Magle International Music Forums says:

"Lights of Laniakea is one of the top new age (and world) vocal albums of the year."


 Midwest Book Review says:

"An enchanting, cross-cultural audio experience, Lights of Laniakea is rapturously radiant."


Bluewolf Reviews, Australia says:

"The pallet is as diverse as it is beautiful . . .the alchemy of Lights of Laniakea reaches out to touch and soothe on many, many levels making incredibly pleasurable listening."

 Kathy Sanborn winner 2015 American Songwriting Awards


 Kathy Sanborn award-winning singer-songwriter


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Lights of Laniakea