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World Music singer Kathy Sanborn


“Kathy Sanborn is one of the most original vocalists in the American musical landscape.”

“Kathy Sanborn is able to convey emotional truths with a sound no one else can produce--a quavering joy that works equally well over an ocean or acoustic chords of ballads. No one else sings like that.”

John Shelton Ivany, National News Bureau

“Kathy's voice truly is a gift from the heavens.”

Eric Cohen, radio station WAER 88.3, New York

“Dreamy ambience . . . reminiscent of vintage Anita O'Day.”

Susan Frances,

“A success . . . Tranquil musical atmospheres . . . Six Degrees of Cool demonstrates, once again, Sanborn’s silky voice and excellent vocal control.”

“Ten delicious selections . . . You will find yourself playing it continuously . . .”


“Steamy . . . Classic jazz with a torchlight finish . . . a jacuzzi for the ears."


“Kathy Sanborn brilliantly alternates ballads with upbeat music as demonstrated by songs like ‘Secret Paradise,’ ‘Waterfall,’ ‘Blame It On A Kiss,’ ‘Tell Me Goodbye,’ ‘Painted Blue,’ or the impeccable ‘Blues For Breakfast.’ Sensuality, freshness and well-constructed melodies are the common denominator of Blues For Breakfast.”

Javier -

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